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Grand Theft Auto GTA Game Free Download – Grand Theft Auto एक वीडियो गेम जिसे सबसे पहले डियो जोम्स द्वारा तैयार किया गया था | इस गेम के डिजाइन Desinger है। लेकिन इस मुख्य रूप से रॉकस्टार नॉर्थ ने विकसित किया रॉकस्टार गेम श्रृंखला के रूप में रिलीज किया गया है।यह गेम रियल जिंदगी की तरह होता है | इस गेमप्ले में एडवेंचर ड्राइविंग और कभी-कभी रोल प्ले चालबाज रेसिंग जैसी खासियत है यह श्रृंखला विभिन्न मुख्य पात्रों के इर्द-गिर्द घूमती है ,जो वंडर वर्ल्ड के अपराधियों गिरोह के जरिए ऊपर उठना चाहते हैं | लेकिन हर एक गेम में उद्देश्य उसका अलग अलग होता है। इसलिए यह गेम बहुत ही रोचक है।Grand Theft Auto Game Download

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online Update –

Article Grand Theft Auto Game
Series run1998
Latest releaseGrand Theft Auto V (2023)
Action-adventure game createdDavid Jones and Mike Daily
DevelopedRockstar North (formerly

This game is a game that is famous all over the world for all the fans of online gaming. Everyone definitely knows about this game. You can play this game only in laptop or computer. This game cannot be played on the phone. This game was released in 1999. The graphic of this game and the fan following of this game is very high. From time to time, some new things are added to this game by updating it. Due to which this game keeps getting more interesting. GTA Game Free Download

Grand Theft Auto Game Overview –

What game had become very famous in the world of online gaming in 2001, by March 2008, the game had sold up to 70 million. When the fourth version of this game came, it became very famous on the very first day, this game sold 6 million copies worldwide in the first week in the fourth version, this game made a profit of more than 500 million dollars.
As soon as this game was released or many records, for this reason, by winning 10 cars in Games Edition 2008, it registered its name in the Guinness World of Records. This game is famous all over the world and it is also a very interesting game, for this it has also received awards.
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